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Firm History

  Founded in 1935 by Scott Vitell in Chicago, Illinois, the firm was originally known as Scott J. Vitell. Scott concentrated his practice in representing the rights of injured individuals. Scott continued his solo practice until his son, Joseph A. Vitell joined the firm in 1971. The firm then became known as Vitell & Vitell. In 1976, Scott passed away and the torch was passed to Joe, who continued the firm as Joseph A. Vitell & Associates. In 1989, Edward Spitz, a seasoned criminal attorney, joined the firm. In 2001, Joe and Ed solidified their strong partnership with the firm changing its name to the Law Firm of Vitell & Spitz, Ltd., as it is known today.

The firm is one of the largest firms representing injured individuals in the state of Illinois, especially those involved in work-related accidents. We take great pride in having provided quality legal service to persons from every region in Illinois, from the Chicago area to the downstate communities. Our office staff has been trained to assist injured individuals in obtaining the help they need from our highly skilled attorneys. Always at the forefront of computer technology, the firm maintains a state of the art computerized database system of all our cases. We are always striving to improve the lives of those who have been injured by being actively involved in legal, political and community service activities.


Our Attorneys

Edward Spitz
Joseph A. Vitell

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